The Villa Cartabianca Cardboard Dollhouse is much more than a simple dollhouse. This is a dream home that any child can decorate however they like, creating hours of creative play opportunities. Made with totally recyclable cardboard, this dollhouse is three stories of eco fun. The house may be constructed in about ten minutes, and you don’t need special glue or tools. The pieces are perfectly pre-cut, pre-creased and sealed. The house features a dining area, kitchen, living room, bathroom, attic bedroom, balcony and little porch — all ready to be decorated in whatever style your child chooses. Hand over some paints, markers, crayons, scissors and glue, and your child is ready to decorate her ideal home. The purchase includes the cardboard dollhouse and fun and brightly colored decorations printed on a high quality paper. And if you’re ordering the dollhouse, check out the sweet Modern Minimalist Paper Furniture Set that’s available as well.

+ Villa Cartabianca Dollhouse €12.90

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