Every child needs a super fun space to retreat to for dreaming, imagining, playing and taking a break from the ‘real’ world. Marjan Godrie has designed the ultimate kid’s retreat, a Treehouse Bed, for the Danish retailer kidsfactory. Part bed/part fort/part relaxing Caribbean vacation bungalow, ‘Boomhut’ is a kid’s dream space come true. The ‘huts’ are available in four variations (including Glamour, Cabana, and ‘Sprookje’), but the original Boomhut (top) with its variegated stained clap board siding and stilts seems so fun, you may forget how much trouble it was to get your child into bed and begin having trouble getting him out. Like a Robinson Caruso ‘staycation’ every night of the week, Boomhuts are a step away from the norm and a leap into the fantastic. The wooden Boomhut sleep spaces start at €830 and are available at kidsfactory (Danish language website).

+ Boomhut by Marjan Godrie starts at €830

+ kidsfactory