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Every parent knows how a child outgrows their wardrobe, seemingly overnight. “Some say children outgrow almost 1,500 articles of clothing in their first 18 years!” And time and again, piles of clothing are either handed down or donated — which means moms and dads have to purchase new items for their kids to wear and start the cycle all over again! The inspiration for KinderStuff, an organic clothing line for kids, came when Alexander Reichhuber became frustrated dressing his baby boy. He found that premium clothing was very expensive and quickly outgrown. By streamlining the production model of Kinderstuff, and selling their clothing exclusively via the internet, the team was able to drop price tags from $25-40 to items as low as $15.

In addition to being gentler on the pocketbook up front, KinderStuff gladly accepts their products back for up to 20% off the next purchase, and they’ll even pay for the shipping. This way, parents are able to save a little cash, and the company can help reduce the waste stream produced the by the garment industry. They are also able to re-sell their gently used returns as “Hand-Me-Downs”, or donate them to charity.

Their designs are made with 100% organic cotton, ensuring a safe material for kids’ bodies and for the environment. Maintaining production in Europe and the US keeps standards for workers higher than in developing nations where most clothing is made. Sizes are available for ages 0-2 and can be ordered directly through their official site.

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