Kindred will repurpose these special clothing items into children's outfits that can be passed down through the family for generations.

Have a special shirt from Grandma, or the shirt your husband was wearing when he proposed to you? Kindred will handcraft it into a one-of-a-kind outfit for your baby. All kinds of cherished clothing can be repurposed into custom made heirloom-worthy children’s outfits including shirts, skirts and dresses. Choose from a variety of styles – bubbles, smocks, pants, shirts, one-pieces – and specify the size you desire. In about 4 weeks, you’ll have your very special garment.

Don’t have a garment that you want repurposed but love the look of Kindred’s offerings? You’re in luck. The New York City-based company also collects vintage, designer and organic fabrics for their designs. Their online shop is stocked with a variety of beautifully handmade children’s clothing featuring classic European silhouettes.

+ Handmade Repurposed Children’s Clothing $50 – $150

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