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Gagnon’s Knit Fort is made from slats of gorgeous stained hardwood, woven into flexible and airy segments and secured with rubber cord. Knit Fort exceeds any juvenile expectations. It is well crafted and structurally sound, with breathable perforations that let natural light and ventilation keep the interior cool, well lit and comfortable, while obscuring views from the outside. The strips and slats can be bent and manipulated, creating triangular openings by simply pushing on the rubber cord-secured joints. The triangle shaped openings filter in beams of light throughout, while creating shapes on the floor — inspiring imaginations while giving parents peepholes to make sure everything is okay inside.

Another stellar attribute of Knit Fort is that it has numerous uses beyond playtime. The movable screened in structure can be used as a sunshade on a patio or yard, as an interior privacy screen, for an indoor/outdoor cabana space, a pop-up outdoor shower, or a modular conference room for businesses fortunate enough to have outdoor space.

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Images © Mark Iantosca via Matt Gagnon Studio

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