Artist Mark Giglio gives vibrant new life to scrap wood with these turned wood Kokeshi Dolls made in his Pen Pencil Stencil studio in Oakland, California. A delightful intersection between works of art and toys, Kokeshi Dolls would be right at home on the shelf or in the playroom of a green family who appreciates sustainable design. Kokeshi dolls are traditional dolls from northern Japan which have no arms or legs, and only a few simple lines to define their face. Giglio is currently crafting limited editions of his favorite Kokeshi Dolls from the set, turning the scrap wood until it is smooth and then painting it with bold bright colors in geometric patterns. To keep current with the availability of Giglio’s artwork, he suggests following him on Twitter, where he posts his latest news and store updates.

+ Pen Pencil Stencil

via Babyology