Say goodbye to bedtime and nap time blues with an organic pillow that doubles as a stuffed friend. Kids will love cuddling up to Jaya Loves Tekeko’s Kumo Friends pillows day and night. The unique assortment of characters includes Owlie, shown below, Raindrop, Leafgirl, Professor Acorn, Hedgehog and Eggboy. Pillows are a blend of organic bamboo and organic cotton, stuffed with kapok, and hand printed with PVC and phthalate free waterbased inks. Kumo friends will not only look adorable as cushions for your kid’s sweet head, they’ll provide hip decor wherever they happen to land around the house. We’ll rest even easier knowing that a portion of Jaya Loves Tekeko sales is donated to Planting Peace, an organization dedicated to cleaning the environment and saving humanity from disease and famine.

*Safety Note: Kids should not sleep with pillows until they’re over the age of two, and sleeping in a toddler bed. Ask your pediatrician whether your toddler is ready to use a pillow.

+ Jaya Loves Tekeko Kumo Friends $62