Babies spend hours rolling around and practicing tummy time on their play mat, which makes it all the more surprising that so many are made from vinyl or foam and a garden variety of toxins and chemicals. A new mother in Canada simply wanted a safe play mat for her little one, so she created it. The Kutchu play mat has impressive eco-friendly features: it’s non-toxic and made from biodegradable natural rubber, a renewable resource. The easy-to-clean surface only requires wiping (meaning you’ll have one less thing to add to that pile of laundry), and the play mat rolls up just like a yoga mat. With a large play area (approximately 4.25 x 5.5 ft), and a reversible design that boasts bright purple and vivid green colors, the Kutchu play mat is a non-slip, gently cushioned place for little ones to sit, crawl, and practice for their next big step into the world.

+ Eco-friendly Children’s Play Mat about $121.00 ($149.00 Canadian dollars)

+ Kutchu