Babywearing is definitely not just for mamas! We love seeing Dads tote their babies in wraps and carriers, but there are admittedly some dudes who are less-inclined to carry around or wear cumbersome babywearing gear that can be tricky to put on. Enter Lalabu’s Dad Shirt: it looks and fits like a regular gray T-shirt, but it has a nearly invisible and breathable mesh panel that acts like a kangaroo pouch. There’s no wrapping or tying or slinging involved. Baby just slips into the pouch, which is intended for infants between 7 and 15 pounds, and Daddy is immediately transformed into a cuddly source of comfort. The shirt itself features a slim fit design, adjustable head support, and a pouch extender, and the gray color goes with everything. The Dad Shirt is an easy way to help new dads bond with baby. We might suggest buying two of these so that he can wear one during nights when baby decides he needs to be walked around in circles for hours. It’s so useful, though, Dad will probably continue wearing it long after baby has outgrown his cozy perch. He can fill the pouch with grocery items, his phone, or his wallet (Just kidding. Sort of.)  Two percent of all Lalabu purchases goes toward supporting women entrepreneurs in Africa, so by purchasing the Dad Shirt, which is made in the USA, you’re also helping moms across the world.

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