Breastfeeding is super-rewarding, but it can be challenging, and in some cases, not possible. Nipple confusion is always a concern for nursing moms who would like to pump and have baby feed from the bottle on occasion. So given the never-ending quest to create a baby bottle with a nipple that is as close to Mama’s as possible, Munchkin recently launched the LATCH bottle and nipple line. Designed to minimize nipple confusion and aid moms who need to transition baby to and from bottle and breast, LATCH nipples feature an accordion base that stretches like a real breast and helps baby latch better. The low-flow nipples create a realistic breastfeeding scenario: baby has to push against the LATCH nipple base in order to get more milk just as she would at the breast. Plus, there’s an anti-colic valve that eliminates fuss-making bubbles from the milk. The accordion nipple shape also helps with reducing colic symptoms since the flexible shape lets baby stay latched on more easily. The nipples are available in three stages as well as in a transition cup, so whatever age your baby is, she can make a smooth transition. The LATCH line is BPA-free and phthalate-free (the products are made of polypropylene and silicone).

+ LATCH Bottles, Nipples, and Accessories $1.99-9.99

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