First STEM, now the movie industry: engineering toy company GoldieBlox is knocking down society’s gender biased-stereotypes one by one. The company’s latest ad places their newest action figure, Ruby Rails, in a variety of box-office hits starring men. Set to the tune “I Need a Hero” (and we really hope GoldieBlox got permission this time to use the music), Ruby becomes Jack Sparrow, James Bond, Rocky, a gladiator, and other popular male heroes. The amusing and clever vignettes are interspersed with sobering stats regarding the gender disparity in films — for example, only 12% of lead characters in films are women, and men get twice as much screen time as women.

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Although we thought Goldie, the company’s first action figure, was pretty awesome and loved that she helped kids learn how to build a zip line, we’re over the moon that Ruby Rails brings some much needed diversity to the action figure realm. Even Ruby’s name is a genius nod to the computer coding and programming language “Ruby on Rails.” This Ruby comes with her own mini-laptop and a working parachute for kids to assemble using engineering basics. Kids learn so much through pretend play. Hopefully, breaking through stereotypes and understanding the importance of butt-kicking female role models are among their lessons.

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