When we bathe our kids, the goal is to get them squeaky clean sans chemicals and toxins, yet we know all too well that the marketplace is rife with bath products that are far from safe. So when we heard that Beautycounter, a company renown for their product integrity, just debuted their Kidscounter bath collection, we couldn’t wait to lather up! The pH-balanced, completely nontoxic collection includes ‘Nice Do’ shampoo, ‘Not a Knot’ conditioner and ‘Squeak Y Clean’ body wash. All of these products boast essential oils instead of damaging SLS, SLES and synthetic fragrances. And rest assured they are free of the myriad toxins used so freely in the majority of skin and bath care products. Check out Beautycounter’s Never List, a round-up of harsh ingredients the company has vowed never to use in their products, for more information. The made in the USA Kidscounter bath collection is also gluten-free and contains nourishing ingredients including pomegranate and cranberry fruit extracts, broccoli seed oil and extracts of carrot root and strawberry. We fell head over heels for the dreamy, delicious fragrances that hit the perfect note, and are not sickly sweet or overpowering. Kids won’t mind hair-washing so much once they get a whiff of the shampoo and conditioner’s creamsicle-inspired scent that’s made from pure citrus oils and vanilla extract. The berry body wash also turns every bath into a luxury, and the conditioner, which includes super-emollient safflower oil, leaves hair so silky smooth, shiny and nourished that you can save water and wash your kiddo’s hair every other day (if you’re typically on a everyday washing regimen).

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Beautycounter was founded by a mom on a mission to make beauty and bath products safer for women and children. Raising the bar to a new standard, Beautycounter has banned more than 1500 ingredients in an effort to protect consumers from toxic chemicals. It’s small companies like Beautycounter, who are working tirelessly to make a difference by providing safe, high-performing products, who are most deserving of our patronage.

When you sign up as a member with Beautycounter for a fee of $10, you can choose to donate that $10 to one of Beautycounter’s three trusted non-profit affiliations: Environmental Working Group, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and Healthy Child, Healthy World.

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