If the answer, my friend, really is “blowing in the wind,” then the LEAF baby seat designed by Dutch company Nuna, provides an eco-savvy and stylish solution for where to place baby to keep him calm and happy when your tired arms need a break! Ergonomically shaped like a leaf, this green baby seat, which requires no motor, batteries or electricity, is powered by a single push which results in two minutes of a gentle swaying back and forth motion to lull baby to sleep.

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The LEAF features a padded 100% certified organic cotton insert that is removable and machine washable; and its soft and padded three point adjustable harness keeps baby safe and comfortable. This eco baby seat is also multi-functional. The lock option on the base instantly turns the swaying seat into a stationary set-up for feeding and interactive play. The base is also easily removable in the event that convenient transport or storage are required. Additionally, LEAF may be used from birth until the time your baby weighs 33 pounds (or until your child can sit up and climb out without assistance).

LEAF is available in a range of five stylish colors that will seamlessly fit in with contemporary home decor, including: Birch, Dawn, Meadow, Cinder and Twilight. To view a video of the LEAF in action, click here and select “movies” under “Leaf.”

Currently, the LEAF baby seat is available for purchase in Europe, and you may locate a retailer by clicking here. We will update this post once the LEAF becomes available for purchase stateside.

+ LEAF 159 € depending on country of purchase

+ Nuna