Christmas is still three months away, but getting some of the shopping out of the way always feels good and helps avoid the yearly harried holiday buying spree. The countdown to December 25th has been LEGOfied with three different LEGO advent calendar sets. So the good news is that you have several options depending on whether your child likes Star Wars, winter-themed city goodies, or a cozy holiday scene. The bad news: a fair amount of kiddos will want all three! Read on for three fun and varied ways to count down the December days and to keep you from forgetting when Christmas is actually happening. (P.S. Just kidding! We know that your little ones will never ever let you forget)!

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Each LEGO advent calendar set includes 24 items that appropriately match the advent calendar’s themes. While several in each set are figurines, many of the other daily surprises are mini buildable sets. The City advent calendar includes pieces such as people playing ice hockey, a Christmas tree, Santa, and a wreath decorated lamppost. The Friends calendar offers food and furniture for making the ultimate holiday gathering as well as two minifigures, a piano, and a fireplace. The Star Wars-themed advent calendar features eight intergalactic minifigures (including a snowy white Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker) as well as a variety of vehicles including a Droid gunship and a Jedi Interceptor. Keeping little hands busy is always a good idea, and as your kiddo continues to open her daily treats, she can add to her collection, staging battles, having singers rock out at a tree lighting, or play piano among friends.

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+ LEGO City Advent Calendar $29.99

+ LEGO Friends Advent Calendar $29.99

+ LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar $39.99