As much as we love LEGO, we love our kids to play outdoors even more. The new LEGO brick animal trail in Northern Ireland accomplishes both activities handily: kids can traipse around the grounds at Castle Espie, a Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) center located in Comber, while getting up close to nine magnificent LEGO animals, some of whom are 12 times their actual size!

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Created by professional LEGO builders using 92,400 LEGO bricks, and made especially for the WWT, the animals include a flamingo, a goose, a swan, a mallard, an otter, and a kingfisher and took a collective 915 hours to make. In addition to meeting the new LEGO animals, several of whom have real-life counterparts on Castle Espie grounds, young LEGO lovers can build with more than 40,000 bricks in a LEGO play area. The Castle Espie Wetland Center is part of the WWT’s network of conservation organizations, which aim to preserve and improve the wetlands for both people and the animals that live there. The Center hopes to help cultivate a love for nature in the hopes of building conscientious kids for the future. With events like a pudding jumping contest and features such as a natural play area, walking trails, and an outdoor duckery with lots of fuzzy little baby birds, it sounds like heaven for little animal lovers. The LEGO animal trail will be open until March 20th.

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