When it comes to coordinating busy schedules, families could no doubt benefit by getting everybody on the same page. London-based design firm, Vitamins has created a LEGO calendar that uses the little plastic bricks to organize projects and deadlines. Combining the tactile nature of the toys with the latest in digital technology, team members are able to take a picture of the wall with their smartphones and synchronize their schedules using specially-designed software.

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Keeping family members involved in maintaining their own schedules can be a challenge. Using LEGO characters and a color-coded system, the designers at Vitamins introduced a playful element to the normally tedious chore of time management. While their proprietary software that synchronizes their physical calendar with online platforms is not yet available to download, (although they will release the code soon to openFrameworks) the idea is a wonderful jumping-off point for any household. At a glance, each member can see what is on the agenda, make any necessary changes, and feel accomplished when they complete a goal. Not to mention, it keeps the hard little bricks off the floor and out of the way of an unprotected foot. What an excellent way to commence a set of “get organized!” resolutions in 2014!

Perhaps you and your family could invent your own LEGO calendar design that works best for your brood!

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