In celebration of the classic toy brick’s 80th birthday, 4,000 kids came together to build a staggering tower of over 500,000 LEGO blocks in Seoul, Korea. At this time, it’s the tallest LEGO tower ever built and it’s stands at an impressive 105 feet tall. The first impressive LEGO tower was a mere 50-feet tall, built in London in 1988.

The Danish Crown Price Frederik had the honor of placing the final brick of the town on Sunday, May 13, 2012.

It may be hard to believe, but it has been 80 years since the Danish company LEGO put their first toy in the hands of a child. And though you may think it was a cuboid brick, it might have actually been a wooden duck as the company started the carpentry workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen. Today with various spin-offs and a sizable community of dedicated enthusiasts the tiny plastic building brick has been built into a global company parents and kids love.

+  via DesignTaxi