Back in 2012 we reported on bird and LEGO enthusiast Thomas Poulsom and his amazing idea for a LEGO set of detailed bird specimens. Now, thanks to LEGO Ideas, a website that allows creative LEGO builders to submit design proposals, Poulsom’s designs, once just an idea, have been brought to life and are available for purchase! Poulsom, who tells LEGO that he has been building LEGO structures since he was five years-old, also says, “The birds are a big challenge to build, building something to look organic from LEGO bricks is not easy, but it is a great challenge and one I enjoy very much. I like to think of LEGO as the best puzzle in the world.” He also advises other wanna-be LEGO designers to, “Have an original idea and put lots of effort and passion into the project.” You can learn more about Poulsom’s journey to LEGO designer, and his love of birds in his LEGO Ideas interview. You can also see more of his design process on his Flickr bird pages, and watch a video of Poulsom and his extraordinary LEGO birds after the jump!

The new set, simply named LEGO Birds, consists of intricate LEGO models of well-known birds, including replicas of a Robin from Europe, a Blue Jay from North America, and a Hummingbird from South America. The set also comes with three little booklets offering more information about each of these fascinating feathered species. Each lovely bird comes with a presentation stand that bears the bird’s scientific name. The beautiful Hummingbird even comes with his own pretty flower. Full building instructions and information about creator Poulsom are also included. In our experience, LEGO Idea sets, such as the female scientist set, sell out quickly, so if you’re interested in owning this special bird LEGO set, head over to the LEGO shop right away because they are sure to “fly” off the shelves.

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