Great news! LEGO is going to make the proposed concept of a female scientist minifig set into an actual LEGO product that your kids can play with and be inspired by! The Research Institute of women minifigs including the labs of the Astronomer, the Paleontologist, and the Chemist is currently in development at LEGO with the goal of reaching store shelves in August 2014! Last July we reported that LEGO CUUSOO, a site featuring LEGO design ideas submitted by folks hoping LEGO will turn their concepts into actual products, had a very noteworthy project on the table from member Alatariel Elensar. With her female minifigure set, Elensar hoped to increase the amount of female LEGO minifigs on the market, noting, “As a geochemist I started with designs close to my own profession, a geologist and a chemist, and then expanded the series to include other sciences and other professions.” She elaborated, “The motto of these Scientists is clear: explore the world and beyond! The Astronomer discovers new stars and planets with the telescope, the Paleontologist studies the origin of the dinosaurs and the Chemist does experiments in the laboratory.”

We’re thrilled to see this dream being actualized, as it will give kids a wider range of female LEGO toys to play with than is currently offered in the girl-centric LEGO Friends sets.

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