Everything is even more awesome in the world of toys with the summer release of a new LEGO City set that includes a LEGO first: a young man in a wheelchair. Unveiled at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, the young man is dressed in a hip ensemble: a beanie hat and a hoodie — a far cry from the elderly man paired with a wheelchair that was part of the LEGO Duplo line and the only other wheelchair (until now) in the LEGO collection. Activists criticized that particular figure for reinforcing the idea of wheelchairs being solely for old people, but the new LEGO minifigure is garnering applause around the globe from activists and organizations who have asked for inclusion of persons with disabilities in the toy world. One campaign, called #ToyLikeMe, has gained over 20,000 signatures on a recent Change.org petition in an attempt to have LEGO positively represent wheelchair-using people in minifigure form. The “Fun at the Park” set, which will hit the shelves in June, also includes a baby in a stroller (apparently another LEGO first), children playing, a picnic area, a food vendor, and even a guide dog.

via CNN

Images via Promo Bricks