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In the series called “The Legographer,” the familiar minifig takes on a more creative stance. Whyte’s LEGO Man dons a cozy knit cap, giving him a bit of a hipster style as he surveys his next scene. Each day for a year, Whyte toted around the LEGO Man and his LEGO camera, perfectly composing images of the little guy shooting pictures (which we will never get to see!). Whyte took the Lego Man with him everywhere he went, just in case he was inspired to take his next photo.

In the series, the LEGO Man experiences some great adventures while trying to capture the perfect shot, scaling buildings, facing stormy seas and even chasing a hermit crab. The minifig also shoots human subjects, which Whyte keeps in perspective with the LEGO Man using some photography tricks. Since the lens of the iPhone has limited capabilities, Whyte came up with some short cuts to manipulate his images. First, he often holds the phone upside down, shooting at an angle that looks up to the minifig, to make it look bigger. Placing the camera lens 8 centimeters from the figure also creates depth of field, blurring the background, and making him look full-sized. Finally, Whyte makes use of the iPhone’s endless apps to create variations in exposure and effects, giving the Lego Man an artsy new persona that inspires creativity in other LEGO lovers.

+ Andrew Whyte

Images © Andrew Whyte

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