Ask most kids what their dream job would be and they’ll likely scratch their heads and wonder, “Does playing with LEGOs count?” Why yes, it does, for the lucky LEGO builders hired to work for a new LEGO factory, creating models and attractions for LEGOLAND theme parks around the world. 50 builders have already been hired for the new LEGO factory in Florida, but the company is said to be looking for an additional 20 builders with qualifications including previous LEGO experience, computer knowledge, and being well-versed in LEGO parts. We can think of quite a few kids that would fit that description, although perhaps they might need a little work on some of the other criteria such as the “ability to give and receive constructive criticism” and “ability to work in a team.” And then there’s that pesky high school diploma requirement. Potential LEGO builders also undergo a pressure-filled interview process to determine their focus and creativity and LEGO building ability, which also includes timed builds, various team-centric activities, and an exercise that requires builders to translate a two dimensional depiction into a 3D LEGO structure. Regardless of how strenuous the hiring procedures are, we’re certain that the company would be inundated with potential employees if kids caught wind of this amazing opportunity. If only the company would push back the start date to 2026… but that being said, we know there are kids out there who are master builders in their own right.

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