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Bibilobicicleta began, like so many other innovations today, with a successful Kickstarter campaign. But now that Bibliobicicleta has gotten rolling (sorry, we couldn’t resist), the reading love keeps gathering momentum. Tapia, who is the Librarian and Digital Literacy instructor at De Marillac Academy, has formed partnerships with more local organizations and continues to receive donations from both private and public sources, including during its weekly drop off in the Panhandle neighborhood.

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Tapia says that kids are (unsurprisingly) the ones who are most eager and curious about the library-on-wheels, but many adults can and do also take advantage of the ever-changing selection of books. Bibliobicicleta combines Tapia’s love of literacy, cycling, and learning, and her passion project isn’t the only one like it: we hope more book and literacy lovers take this idea and run (err…bike) with it. We love Bibliobicicleta’s motto, “page by page, book by book, pedal by pedal,” and we dig that Tapia is taking the greenest route to spreading a love for books.

The independent non-profit also visits farm stands, parks, beaches, literacy and bike events, and areas that have a high population of homeless persons who otherwise would not have much access to free books. Bibliobicicleta can hold up to 100 books at a time, and is a great conversation starter as well as a community builder.

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