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With OOTS Woodmobiel, kids can make their very own wagon, a cool go cart, a tricycle, a puppet theater, or even design an awesome airplane. Woodbobiel can also be used to design more practical creations, like an easel, desk or step stool. Ben Fritz, a Dutch graphic designer, created Woodmobiel for his grandchildren, but adults are sure to find this toy stimulating and fun as well.

The Woodmobiel starter kit comes with directions for many different designs such as a scooter, a step bike, a crane, a wheelbarrow, a blackboard, a trolley, a chair, a table and a plane.

The standard kit lets your child build even more cool items, like a speedy race car, a larger plane, a blackboard with desk and bench, a tricycle with luggage rack, a wagon, a table-and-chair set, a wheelbarrow, a birdhouse, and a stroller.

Once you build a structure, play with it and get your fill, the structure can be broken down and you can build something brand new. Woodmobiel will be available this August. Locate a retailer at OOTS or contact OOTS for more information.

+ Woodmobiel $165.00-$300.00