Your children’s precious drawings are brought to new dimension, with John Teo and Loren Lim’s Light Tales. With the easy to use device, colorful drawings and stories spring to life by being projected onto any wall. Kids can easily slip their creations on the included transparent film onto the illuminated base, allowing their characters and landscapes to light up before their eyes in colorful projection.

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In an age where technology trumps old fashioned play, Teo and Lim sought to create a project that made drawing and story  time new again. With the illuminated projection component, children can become the authors of their own beloved stories, by incorporating their original drawings into the experience. When viewed on a wall, their illustrations dance across the space, adding a new dimension that is exciting and inspiring.

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Each Light Tales kit comes with everything kids need for an illuminating story time. Special circle-cut transparencies can be wiped clean after each story, and used again and again. The kit also has colorful washable markers, books, and cards with characters from multi-cultural stories that let kids remix their favorite stories in any way they wish. The transparencies let kids trace their favorite characters, or make up their own.

When the drawings are completed, the fun continues in the dark. The circular drawings fit over the special drum-shaped lighting component, which can then project their creations on walls, ceilings, even each other. Light Tales enables an experience that brings a new level of fun into creative story time.

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