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The design aesthetic of the Liliane Dolls Villa is modern and minimalist. The exterior forms a shape almost like a cathedral and is open (save for a stainless steel roof) to allow kiddos to easily maneuver their dolls around and to swap out furniture and accessories. And there’s plenty to rearrange, including a 19-piece designer furniture set. The three beds even have their own set of linens, and there’s also a swing (!) as well as a ramp for cars, horses, bikes, or any other modes of transportation that make their way into the house.

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Made of birch plywood with double transparent varnish, solid beech wood, stainless steel, and plexiglass, the dollhouse’s clean lines make it a sophisticated choice for both young children and older kids who have aged out of many commercial dollhouse iterations. We love all the tiny details such as hooks for kitchen utensils and the silver four-burner stovetop and the storage space for all the little odds and ends that kids love to collect.

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If your kiddos are sharing this magical dollhouse, you’re in luck: it comes with a set of wheels so you can move it from bedroom to bedroom or playroom as desired. Dolls that are 12 inches tall are the best fit for this dollhouse, but the open spaces encourage all sorts of dolls, small play creatures, and more to take up residence in this spacious and dreamy villa.

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