Lilipad Studio is a small town furniture shop which makes brightly colored, fun and decorative children’s furniture that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the planet. The furniture studio’s use of sustainable ethics, mixed with bright colors, striking designs, and charming whimsy makes each piece of their children’s furniture a work of eco-friendly art. Lilipad Studio is nestled in the small mountain community of Hailey, Idaho. With nature as their backdrop, they create amazing play tables, chairs and step stools which children are sure to find inviting and climb-worthy.

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Each Lilipad Studio piece is hand stamped and painted, so you’re sure to get a beautiful handmade look… a crafty, decorative aesthetic that you’ll be happy to have displayed in your main living area.

Lilipad Studio utilizes FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood and non-toxic, no-VOC earth friendly paints in their craftsmanship. Another big ‘green’ perk of this company is that they provide all of their eco-facts in an easy to access area of their website. They offer plenty of earth-friendly information for consumers, which really helps when you’re a parent searching for healthy, non-toxic children’s furniture.

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