Alyson Beaton trained as an architect and also has an MFA in visual communications. Her Norwegian heritage has influenced the elegant simplicity of her design aesthetic, and she has created a beautiful and simple product line sparked by her love of her little home in Chicago. Beaton made her first Lille Huset dollhouse for her daughter’s sixth birthday, and the name of the range simply means “little house” in Norwegian. After a glowing review from her daughter, Beaton thought to herself, Why not make all styles of houses for kids to decorate and love?

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There are several models in the Little Huset dollhouse range, including super cute mini designs, modern designs and classic styles. There are two designs in the Classic Huset range: Logan and Primrose. The two models are both 14 inches tall x 8 inches wide x 14 inches deep when assembled and each has an imaginative back story. Beaton writes: “Logan is the house that is so big and perfect that all of the other houses think of him as a castle. He is a house that sits on the grand boulevard with high peaks that seem to reach to the sky.” On the other hand, “Primrose is the cutest little prim and proper house that has arched windows in front. Sometimes when it rains the water droplets make a pitter patter sound as they drop on the roof. All of her rooms inside have a special little hidden quirk that makes her less than perfect in a very silly way.” Pretty adorable, right?

All Lille Huset dollhouses are designed for hands-on play and crafting – kids can draw on and punch holes in the laminated, recycled paperboard walls and make their home as unique as they are. Accessory packs include animals, bikes, people, furniture and gardens. When playtime is done, the sets simply flat pack up into their own supplied folio to be stored on a bookshelf. The dollhouses can be purchased directly through the Lille Huset online store. Houses are priced at $40 each and accessories sheets for the full-sized houses start at $8 each. There’s also free shipping on all orders over $50.

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