In response to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami tragedy that struck on March 11, 2011, Kamibashi, creators of the delightful String Doll Gang, have released a limited edition String Doll Gang Ganbare Bear. Ganbare, pronounced “Gahn-BAH-ray” is Japanese term meaning, “persevere during challenging times.” ALL net profits from String Doll Gang Ganbare Bear sales, via the Kamibashi website, will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross. Ganbare Bear, like the rest of the String Doll Gang, is handmade with Fair Trade values. These are very well-made dolls that stand up to heavy travel – my son carries his AstroNeil doll everywhere. Small parts make the String Doll Gang too dangerous for little ones, but kids age 7 years and older, plus adults, will adore this gang. What better time to start your collection, than now, with the Ganbare Bear.

+ String Doll Gang Ganbare Bear $10

+ Kamibashi