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The comfy threads for boys and girls are designed to fuse style and wearability. Posey’s retro style dresses and skirts are as gorgeous as heirlooms, while her pants and tops can be mixed and matched for both boys and girls. She also makes a line of rompers and overalls for babies to toddlers, which can follow on to your second and third child, regardless of sex.

Little Esop’s mission is to make comfortable, quality made clothes from the finest organic fabrics, while also maintaining a green business model and operation. The line, which is itself in its infancy, hopes to help change the fashion industry by providing lasting, sustainable products as a norm. They source their raw fibers from organic cotton certified by the Organic Exchange,  and use dyes that are approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard. The clothes are not only manufactured in non sweatshop settings, but also in a facility  (in New York) that maintains a low carbon footprint compared to the average producer.

By refocusing their garments, and paying close attention to every step of the supply chain, Little Esop hopes to inspire other companies to change the fashion industry, and require sustainable sources every step of the way, from farming materials to clothing production.

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