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Careful consideration goes into each step of making the meals. From choosing the organic ingredients to actually crafting the from-scratch recipes, to flash-freezing the meals to ensure that they are as fresh and nutritious as possible. This means the family can reheat and serve the meals as needed instead of being rushed to use them up before they spoil. No artificial ingredients, colorings, additives or preservatives are used, and many of the offerings (including all the purees) are free of salt and sugar. Moms and Dads of kids with common allergies can take a deep breath too: none of the purees contain eggs, soy, or nuts (except coconut). Although the subscription plans do include meat, Little Foodie Club will make vegetarian or vegan meal plans upon request.

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Parents can choose meal plans depending on their child’s age with options including 6-9 months, 9 months and up, and 12 months and up (coming soon). The meals are tailored to include age-appropriate flavors as well as textures. All of the possibilities will expose your little one to fresh and wholesome tastes that are full of palate-expanding flavor. Sweet potato, garbanzo bean, and spinach coconut curry, zucchini and eggplant with marjoram and quinoa, and cauliflower and pear with tarragon are just three delicious-sounding examples from the delivery service, which sends out its meals on Sundays.

The Little Foodie Club is looking beyond California for expansion opportunities (NYC seems like a next natural step with loads of baby foodies), so keep a lookout — handmade, high-quality baby food may be coming your way soon. And if you decide to order a subscription for your little one, know that you are helping another child get high-quality and healthy food as a result: Little Foodie Club donates a portion of the price of every subscription to Isabelo, a South African organization that provides meals for children from underprivileged families.

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