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Guided by the theme of “Dreams,” their seasonal collection is ridiculously comfy-looking with warm and rich colors like mustard, forest green, deep blue, and berry. There are options for babies, toddlers, and big kids, and everything from the rompers to the pajamas to the raglan long-sleeved tees are durable yet soft and stylish, which is perfect for a company whose tag line is “organic fashion for free range kids.” While Little Green Radicals’ clothes are made to withstand the wear-and-tear of daily life, some of their dresses are just begging to be worn for holiday concerts, family parties, or other winter gatherings. Dressing the clothes up or down for various occasions means they will get a lot of use, and their whimsical designs and patterns are just the kind of thing our little ones want to wear all the time.

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The nature-inspired prints such as forests, moon and stars, and mountains are super kid-friendly and lively. In addition to the 70s vibe coming from the Peter Pan collars and the corduroy contrast pocket tees, we are digging the details such as little elbow patches and the cotton sherpa lining for items such as the baby snowsuit and the matching hat and mitts sets.


Another amazing capsule collection within the Autumn/Winter line is the Rockets for Everyone collection, with a unisex rocket print designed to inspire all boys and girls to explore STEM and “dream without limits” about being a pilot, astrophysicist, or engineer. There are a ton of unisex options in the fall/winter line in general. Who wouldn’t want pants with stars on the knees?

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Little Green Radicals began over 10 years ago and were among the first U.K. brands to get Fair trade certification for cotton and have always used organic fabrics too. Little Green Radicals proudly works with farmers and factories in India that offer perks like maternity leave and fair wages. The resulting clothing is super-soft and expertly made, so it’s a partnership that benefits all of us.

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