Elephants (especially baby elephants) are among the most endearing animals, and these gentle giants are celebrated in a playful wooden pull toy by Petit Collage. Jumping Jumbo is aptly named, as he bounces up and down while your tot drags him along by a cotton cord. Jumbo’s red ears also sway as he moves. Kids love pops of primary colors, and Jumbo, who is made of FSC-certified plywood, features eye-catching sunshine yellow and bright blue wheels in addition to his cherry ears and dotted black backside. As per Petit Collage tradition, the paints and varnish are both water-based and non-toxic, so if Jumbo happens to get rolled into or perhaps salivated on in your child or her playmate’s mouth, there’s no need to panic. Just take a page from Jumbo’s book and keep rolling along. For ages 18 months and up.

+ Jumping Jumbo $20.00

+ Petit Collage