Will you be celebrating your baby’s first Christmas this holiday season? Make it extra special by starting an eco-holiday ornament collection for him or her to cherish for years to come. Earth-friendly holiday decor items and tree ornaments are popping up just in time to trim your tree. One of our favorites is the beautifully simple Baby’s First Christmas miniature toy ornament from the Little Sapling Toys’s shop at Etsy.

The tiny stacking toy ornament is crafted in the perfect likeness of a child’s wooden stacking toy, only in an adorable miniature version! Shown below is the life-size stacking toy offered at Little Sapling Toys, alongside the holiday ornament.

Little Sapling ornaments are ideal choices for a healthier, greener holiday. This shop adheres to the following admirable eco-guidelines:

  • Wood used for Little Sapling products is either reclaimed or FSC Certified hardwood.
  • Wood is lightly and naturally finished with beeswax or left simple and unfinished.
  • All wood items are sanded to a satin-smooth finish.
  • All toys and gifts are packaged with recycled materials for shipping.

Below is another fun toy ornament – the cute Baby’s First Christmas miniature rattle ornament.

If you can’t decide between these two precious ornaments, you can purchase a Baby’s First Holiday Set that comes complete with both toy ornaments. Little Sapling ornaments will look great hanging from your tree. If you’re aiming for natural holiday decor, these ornaments will fit the bill.

$20.00-$35.00 – Baby’s First Christmas miniature toy ornament

+ Little Sapling Toys