Have your kids outgrown their sneakers again? Treat their feet to a new pair of 100% vegan shoes from Livie & Luca. Their Ferris style, available in patterns and colors for both boys and girls, is made from breathable, eco-friendly jute and canvas. The shoes are lightweight, flexible and easy-peasy for kids to get on and off themselves thanks to a double Velcro closure. Ferris shoes are available in sizes 4 through 10. Keeping reading to learn more about why Livie & Luca is an eco-friendly company.

Livie & Luca makes a point of giving back. They donate 10 percent of their online sales to charity. They also encourage customers to recycle their gently worn Livie & Luca shoes by sending them back for a free shipping reward. The company works with Art for Humanity who then sends them on to children in Honduras. These shoes are often the first pair these children will have to protect their feet from soil-borne infections.

Plus, shoes from Livie & Luca are handmade and no pair is exactly the same. The company also strives to work with sustainable materials when possible and follows many sustainable practices. For example: non-toxic glue is used in production, reusable cloth bags made from recycled plastic bottles package online orders and factory workers earn a competitive wage and live locally and walk or ride a bike to work.

+ Ferris Bark $43.50

+ Ferris Navy $43.50

+ Ferris Kiku $43.50

+ Ferris Flora $43.50

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