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The LivKids range was founded by Karen Gold when her then two year-old daughter, Olivia, had an allergic reaction to a sweet treat and went into anaphylactic shock. Karen realized that Olivia was too young to be able to recognize or explain that she had allergies, and so Karen searched for an alert bracelet that could make others aware of the risk of giving Olivia the foods she was allergic to. Unable to find anything she liked or that was fine enough to not annoy a young child so much they wanted to remove it, Karen set about developing LivKids.

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Karen was soon joined by Marley Shelton, whose daughter Ruby is severely allergic to eggs and tree nuts. As Marley explains, “I was immediately taken with the idea of a protective bracelet that could also be stylish and something a child could be proud of rather than embarrassed by or ashamed of.” The two women soon decided to expand the safety aspect of the range and produce ID bracelets for children in case they should become lost or separated from their guardians in a public place.

The range now incorporates 15 different designs, each one customizable with up to 20 characters to describe the child’s allergies or to provide contact details. Bracelets are available in brass, leather, sterling silver and 14 carat gold, and girls’ designs also come with the choice of the child’s birthstone. Each bracelet is also adjustable to fit the wrists of children of all ages. LivKids bracelets are available online, with prices ranging from $65 through to $250.

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