Even though they’re small enough for kids, these chairs are still big on design. Loll Designs Cabrio lounge chair won the 2009 Good Design Award and now they’ve sized it down to a version made just for kids. With clean lines and minimal details, the Kids Cabrio is super easy to clean. The Kids Go Club chair is a sized down version of the company’s popular adult-sized Go Club Chair, an exclusive design for Design Within Reach.

Both of the kid-sized chairs from Loll Designs are made from recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which you probably know as #2 plastics like milk jugs. The Minnesota-based company even keeps track of how many milk jugs are used to make each of their products. The Kids Cabrio chair saves 160 plastic milk jugs from landfills, while the Kids Go Club chair repurposes 216 milk jugs!

The chairs are available in eight different colors ranging from the bright apple red and sky blue to the muted sand and grey. In general the recycled plastic chairs don’t fade in the sun, but testing has showed that the apple red, leaf green and sand colors do have an increased risk of fading due to UV exposure over time.

+ Kids Go Club $280.00

+ Kids Cabrio $228.00

+ Loll Designs