We knew it had to happen eventually. We’ve already seen breast milk ice creambreast milk cheese and many other breast milk infused foods, so breast milk candy was just the next logical step — and Lollyphile has taken on the challenge. Lollyphile, a gourmet Texas-based lollipop company recently debuted their brand new breast-milk-flavored lollipop, but no worries about “wasted milk” because there’s not a lick of real breast milk in these lollipops – in fact, they’re 100% vegan. Lollyphile’s flavor team taste-tested multiple batches of breast milk donated by helpful mamas and found that the best breast milk had a sweet, semi-almond flavor, which was then recreated for these new unique lollies. In fact, in spite of the flavor, these breast milk lollipops are best enjoyed by adults, not babies or toddlers. First of all, they’re mostly made with sugar and secondly, little ones really shouldn’t have hard candy, as it can pose a choking hazard. Still, for flavor curious adults, these are a hit. Lollyphile founder Jason Darling tells the Los Angeles Times that they sold “A few thousand dollars worth” on the first day they were available. No strangers to eccentric lollipop flavors, Lollyphile also carries lolly flavors such as Chocolate Bacon, Habañero Tequila, Sriracha, Wasabi-Ginger and many others. If you’re pumped to try these breast milk lollipops, note that it’s rumored that these are a limited edition run, so order soon.

+ Breast Milk Lollipops $10 for 4 pops

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Images courtesy of Lollyphile