It’s still in the 90s across most of the country, so we’re not ready to admit that sandals will be replaced with snow boots within a few months, and hours of active outside play will begin to look slightly less appealing. When that time comes, we’ll be reaching for Lumo Play, interactive digital displays that turn our walls and floors into game spaces. While the company has plans to sell their special projector next year, for now you can use your computer, web camera, or XboxOne Kinect and some handy DIY projector instructions to splash these fun visuals onto your wall or floor. The interactive activities are guaranteed to get people (and when we say people, we really means your-never-sits-down, always-on-the-go kids) moving, no matter what the weather is outside. Parents, you’re invited to get in on the fun at all times, or you can switch on one of the soothing, nature-based Lumo Play displays during bedtime or naptime — pretending you’re walking across the sand may not actually get you to your favorite beach, but it’ll hopefully relax you and send you to your happy place.

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The company has hundreds of games and digital displays, from an alphabet tiles game that will help kids learn letters to a retro dance floor that changes color as you dance around to a piano scale that tots will actually want to practice on. Kids can use their bodies and also incorporate toys like their favorite cars or toy fishing rods to play the games. There are also more relaxing displays such as a pond full of lilypads that scatter gently when you “walk” on them. You can also customize several of the games by purchasing a template and then modifying it through Lumo Play’s Motion Maker Tools.

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We had seen displays and games like these at children’s museums before, but the fact that they are now available for the home is pretty awesome. How much fun would these be at a birthday party? The company is offering a free, 30-day trial at the moment, so give Lumo Play a spin… or a cow-herding expedition… or a hungry hippos-esque turn! If you do decide to purchase the program, there are a few options with play basic being the most affordable — and likely all your crew will need.

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