Paris Renfroe Design offers interior design services and custom and re-purposed furniture with a focus on industrial modernism. Recently, a collection of diminutive dwellings for dolls has emerged from the design house — amazing shipping container miniatures with plenty of mod mini furniture pieces to outfit their interiors. The 1:12 scale replica M112 Pods are based on actual shipping containers that have been converted into green living spaces — in human, not doll-sized reality. Abandoned shipping containers are become a popular resource for green building, for use in condo, dorm, residential and commercial construction. M112 Pod tiny shipping container homes are an amazing way to highlight the coolness of shipping container living, and they are great, green dollhouses for children, as well as collectible items for adults with a penchant for cutting-edge green design.

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Like their life-sized counterparts, the M112 Pod Miniatures boast many stylized standard features including: Baltic birch interior ceiling, walls, and floor, a frosted window wall, bypassing sliding panel clear doors for easy access, a port hole in the floor and ceiling for stacking and roof access and a metal tube rung ladder to the upper port hole. The dimensions of the M112 Pod Miniatures are 20” L x 8” W x 8 ½” H and they are available in several colors including: Apple Green, Blue Sky, White, Orange, and Gray — also available in a natural rust finish or in a custom color.

+ M112 Pods by Paris Renfroe Design $175-$250

+ Paris Renfroe Design