You’re probably going to watch the videos above and below a few times… and then try to contain your excitement and anticipation for Magic Leap, a somewhat mysterious technology company that is valued at around $4.5 billion dollars, despite the fact that their “product” has yet to be officially unveiled. What the company has produced are these demos, which promise to use a revolutionary technology that blurs the lines between imagination and reality and has uses in multiple fields including entertainment, education, and innovation. Apparently, special glasses worn by the viewer will aid in the projection of mind-blowing 3-D images onto the viewer’s retina, but the company has already distinguished itself from Virtual Reality and other 3-D technology that is already around (such as Oculus Rift and Google Glass) because Magic Leap incorporates the real world into its “visions.” Magic Leap says, “You already own the world’s most amazing computer… it’s your one-of-a-kind mind,” but the company will add on to what we see through the use of a lightweight and wearable device and their Dynamic Digitized Lightfield Signal, which makes the projected image appear real. Creating heightened video games is obviously a much-anticipated prospect for this Augmented Reality technology, but we love the idea that it could be used to bring educational concepts to life for students and to help us understand more about the world beyond our own communities and firsthand experiences (although this technology is certainly not a substitute for actually unplugging and exploring the world). Magic Leap has corralled an eclectic group of scientists, sci-fi authors, and software engineers to create their finished project, but if the real deal is anything like the demos (including this one which vows that no special effects or compositing were used in the video’s production), we know this company is going to be a game-changer in more ways than one.

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