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Living in Palo Alto, Villareal found that of the 34 playgrounds sprinkled throughout the area, none of them were accessible to 6 year-old Ava. Rather than complain to her city officials, she took it upon herself to raise the $4 million necessary for her dream playground. The city of Palo Alto happily granted Villareal a space for Magical Bridge, and a team of landscape architects and designers were brought in to make the city’s first entirely inclusive playground a reality.

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In order to make a space that is navigable for children and adults in wheelchairs and other mobility assistance devices, the designers focused first on creating a playground set on flat surfaces, made from spongy, soft materials. Seven separate zones create different environments for play at varying levels of ability, including swinging, climbing and even a musical area. For children who become overstimulated, retreat areas were designed, in the form of quiet and relaxing areas, and even a castle-like tree house.

Magical Bridge Playground accommodates everyone, in one creative space that welcomes children and adults of all abilities.

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