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LEGO lovers of the world can rejoice this Christmas, thanks to McVeigh’s DIY holiday creations. The artist, known for his imaginative expertise in transforming the popular plastic bricks into detailed sculptural installations, is getting into the holiday spirit and sharing his craft with LEGO fans.

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McVeigh’s simple LEGO sets let little hands snap together colorful and easy flat poinsettias and wreaths, ready to hang on the tree. For the more experienced LEGO connoisseur, McVeigh’s series of barrel-style “Cooper” ornaments add a 3 dimensional flair to decorating. Even more complex are the Trident Frill ornaments, as well as the 3 dimensional Christmas trees, all of which come in an array of holiday colors. McVeigh also makes available his past DIY projects with free downloadable instructions, which have spanned the last six years.

LEGO ornaments are not only adorable and colorful, but they also give kids an easy DIY project that has virtually no mess or clean up! Not to mention, each year the LEGO ornaments and décor can be reconfigured and reused to make new designs.

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