Who needs Barbie’s Dream House when you can bring your own architectural masterpiece to life? For the aspiring archi-tot in your life, there’s the dollhouse kit from Makedo, an Australian company that makes connector systems for turning trash into works of art. Designed for kids from ages 5 and up, the dollhouse kit includes 57 pins, hinges, and clips for punching and clamping materials (such as cardboard, plastic and fabric ) together.

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The Makedo system comprises three basic parts: the construction tool, which punches holes and cuts through card without risking injury, a hinge that can pivot or lock in a fixed position, and a pin-and-clip connector that fastens materials together. To top everything off, Makedo includes several sticker sheets for furnishing and decorating your new digs, along with guided instructions and an inspirational poster. The best part? Everything’s reusable, which means you can pull all the pieces apart whenever inspiration strikes next.

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