Mama’s Milk Warmer makes heating up pumped breast milk, safe, easy and effective, even when you’re exhausted and getting up in the middle of the night. Warming breast milk in hot water is the recommended method for heating up your baby’s meal, but doing so isn’t as easy as it sounds. You can place your bottle in a pot of hot water, but the bottle won’t stand upright — or you can attempt to place your bottle in a mug or bowl of water, which also doesn’t work great as the bottle simply won’t stay submerged. Mama’s Milk Warmer offers a better solution. Mama’s Milk Warmer is the only bottle of its kind made to retain the heat of tap water while holding your milk-containing bottle in place so that your milk heats up faster and more efficiently. The warmer fits virtually all sizes and shapes of baby bottles and milk bags and is made of top grade, FDA approved, insulated stainless steel. To use it, you simply place your bottle of milk inside the warmer, fill with hot water, wait a bit for the milk to warm up, remove the bottle and baby feeding time is a go. Mama’s Milk Warmer is even top rack dishwasher safe! Check out this handy baby feeding tool at Nutto.

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