Last week we reported on a California dad who decided that he was going on a diet consisting strictly of his wife “Katie’s” frozen surplus of breast milk. The couple had accumulated a 22-cubic-foot freezer full of milk that they weren’t able to donate to breast milk banks. But instead of throwing it out, they decided Dad would drink all of it¬†and they’d blog about the experience.¬†The experiment, which kicked off less than a week ago, has (to no one’s surprise) come to an end. But it’s demise is not for reasons you may think. The man, known as “Curtis,” didn’t give up because he couldn’t stomach anymore breast milk, but rather because of all the internet hype, he and Katie were able to connect with a West Coast mom desperately seeking donor milk for her quadruplets.

The couple’s experiment stirred up a media frenzy that garnered attention from the likes of ABC News and international media outlets. As the story spread across the web, the couple who thought they were engaging in a harmless experiment were met with comments of disgust and anger for not donating the milk – despite stating that they were unable to find an accepting milk bank (mom had been on medication during pumping). Eventually the couple pulled the blog out of frustration, but there were several comments that stood out to Katie.

A number of individuals had mentioned an online breast-milk sharing network, Human Milk 4 Human Babies, so Katie decided to reach out to the group located in Montreal. Founded by Emma Kwasnica, the site had heard just two weeks earlier from a California mother in need of milk for her quadruplets. Within hours, Kwasnica put Katie in touch with the other woman, bringing together the two California mothers.

Curtis has since transitioned back to solids and we’re happy to report that Katie’s supply of breast milk will be picked up this week and delivered to the four needy babies.¬†To date, the receiving mother has relied on two donors to supplement her own breast milk to feed her four babies a total of 60 ounces a day (Curtis was downing 66+ oz a day himself), but organizing and shipping the supply has been a major challenge. The sizable, local supply has put her mind at ease and as she tells the Sun, ‚ÄúIt will allow me to put all my energy into caring for my babies.” The woman is also mother to two other children, ages 4 and 2 years.

Curtis and Katie are still choosing to remain anonymous, and never had any interest in getting their 15 minutes of fame. Katie told The Sun that she and her spouse were only trying to ‚Äúnormalize‚ÄĚ breast milk with their blog.¬†‚ÄúThis had nothing to do with wanting attention or our 15 minutes of fame.¬†People need to realize that breasts are made for feeding babies. It‚Äôs just milk. There‚Äôs nothing sexual about it. There‚Äôs nothing gross about it.‚ÄĚ

Via The Sun

Lead Image: amdavis via SXU