I think my baby girl may have been a puppy in a past life. I find myself saying, “Don’t put that in your mouth,” and “Don’t chew on that,” at least a hundred times a day. Between her crib railing, the arms of the sofa, her now tattered book collection, and my neck, my daughter has left her mark on practically every surface of our household. Tiny tooth punctures and jagged tears betray her trail throughout our home. Looking for my baby? I just need to follow the remnants of the ravaged fashion magazine, or look under the dining chair with the gnawed leg. I had a tall order to fill to find a teething ring that would satiate my teething fiend, but the Maple Teether by Camden Rose ended up being the perfect safe, stylish & savory solution.

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Plastic, chilled, water-filled teethers are the ubiquitous offerings on the market, but babies naturally gravitate toward hard, sturdy objects to really sink their teeth into for much needed relief. Due to the widespread debate on plastics and their toxicity, I wanted to avoid this material and seek a more natural route. The Maple Teether by Camden Rose fit the bill and then some. Crafted with maple wood and finished with beeswax, its organic design and the eco-minded process behind its creation are really unbeatable.

Smaller than most conventional teethers, the Maple Teether is three inches in diameter, making it the perfect size for tiny hands. Nontoxic by nature, each teether is individually handmade by skilled artisans in the U.S. in support of Fair Trade Manufacturing. Camden Rose is also family run business with a “leave no footprint philosophy.” They replace the materials they remove from the environment, and they offer products made from the highest quality of natural materials, making them safe and pure for children. Go fetch one for your little pup!

The Maple Teether retails for $10.99

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