Every tot I’ve ever met seems addicted to car key theft. They never take the car of course, but they do like to indulge in a good key gnawing session. The problem: metal keys are hard on tiny teeth, and the small size of keys poses a choking hazard. Luckily, Little Alouette Wood for Wee Ones has the perfect solution – the adorable Maple Wood Teething Toy Set.

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The 4 Piece Myla Belle Maple Wood Teether Key Set includes three, five-inch keys handmade with hardwood maple, along with a three inch maple key fob. You can hold the whole set together with ribbon or hemp. Since it has three keys, this is a great set to break up. You can keep one in the car, one in your home, and you’ll still have a spare for when one key inevitably gets lost under the couch.

+ Maple Wood Teething Toy Set $20

+ Little Alouette Wood for Wee Ones via Etsy