If your little one has been asking for a pet, here’s a low-impact, budget-friendly starter dog for him. Pop-Outs from artist Marc Tetro are mini 6-inch tall flat pack figures that kids can pop out, put together and play with. They can pick their puppy pleasure between a Boston terrier, lab, Westie and even a cat. And at $10 a pop, kids can collect the whole kit and kaboodle of eight designs without even putting a dent in the eco or financial impact of a real pet!

Pop-Outs make great on-the-go ammo for moments of boredom. Since they come flat, they’re easy to throw in a bag, and their pop-out nature means kids don’t need any scissors or other supplies to bring the pups to life as instant figures for play. Watch the Pop-Outs in action to see just how fun and easy they are. And remember, when your tot gets tired of walking one of these dogs, it’s a whole lot easier to recycle this pet.

+ Pop-Outs! $10 each

+ Marc Tetro