Checking in from paternity leave after his daughter’s birth last week, Mark Zuckerberg took to his Facebook page to share a sweet letter that he and his wife, doctor and educator Priscilla Chan, wrote to their newborn, Max. Along with describing the typical warm, fuzzy, and hopeful emotions that many new parents experience as they witness the innocence and potential of the next generation, Zuckerberg and Chan took the tremendous step of pledging 99% of their Facebook shares to charitable organizations and causes over the course of their lifetimes. Details of how and where the money will be distributed have yet to be revealed (Zuckerberg promises more info once he and his wife return from their respective parental leaves), but the current value of their philanthropic giving is estimated at a whopping $45 billion dollars and will be managed through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. With this new organization, the couple hopes to “advance human potential and promote equality” through a variety of initiatives encompassing health care, energy, education, and research. Citing long-term investments and forward-thinking goals to make the world a better place for future generations, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative will initially focus on community-building, expanding access to technology, helping to find cures for diseases, and creating more personalized learning opportunities. This announcement is the latest during a busy fall for the Chan Zuckerberg family. In addition to welcoming their daughter, they also launched a new charter school that will provide free healthcare as well as education to its students and their families.

via The New York Times

Image via Facebook